The ONE THING for today

Traveling advice

  • Genesis 12:9 (NKJV) So Abram journeyed, going on still toward the South.

July is the “go” month. Between now and the end of August Americans will travel more than at any other two-month period in the year. You will probably be in the number and I pray traveling mercy be yours.

My traveling advice:

  • Take someone with you
  • Make it a good memory for them

    140629 Family Vacation-image in the sand_065826~2

    Sonja took this picture from our balcony early Sunday morning. A reminder that the best things are usually free and that God’s beach is always open.

  • Don’t make the journey just about arriving—enjoy the journey
  • Pay for your room and board, but remember, the best things are usually free

Just this past week I enjoyed a family weekend get-away and one afternoon my granddaughter (Trinitee) was bemoaning to me the fact that the water park was closed. Then she looked over at the ocean and her face brightened as she said, “The ocean is always open!”

And so it is—God shares his creation with all and doesn’t charge.

Enjoy it with Him and with those you love.



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