The ONE THING for today

Love is…

  •  1 Corinthians 13 (NKJV) Love is…

If you love, you’re disciplined–plain and simple.

If a young man loves–really loves a young woman he will not ask her to compromise her morals.  To take this to another level, he will not ask her to “live” with him without marrying her either.  Call it old-fashioned if you will, but its the Creator’s idea and I figure He knew what He was talking about when He created us and when He wrote the instruction manual.

If parents (and grandparents) really love their children they learn to say no and to set clear boundaries.  (Oh this is hard for “papas”!)

If a bread-winner loves their family they get up and go to work whether they feel like it or not.  (Sonja: “David, you’ve got to go to church, you’re the pastor.”)

Love has filters–it doesn’t just say anything or do anything.

Love has principles–it doesn’t just do what feels right.

Love has muscles–it loves when love is not given in return.

Yes, love, true love, is disciplined–plain and simple.


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