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The (Creation) Show Must Go On

Some of my favorite podcasts come from the ministry: Reasons to Believe. “Average Joe” is the announcer and moderator on those podcasts–a good man who wrote this good blog.

Average Joe

Spectacular lightning and deafening thunder rolled through Southern California last week and dazzled, drenched, and even delighted heat-weary locals. Rancho Cucamonga (where I live) enjoyed a couple of downpours reminiscent of a large crowd’s long-lasting applause. I like to take the dogs for a walk at a nearby natural park during a rainstorm, but in this case it was pouring too hard—and one dog is afraid of thunder.

The dogs’ noses hit the trail the next day––lots of new scents, I’m sure––while I scoped out the “storm damage.” Intrigued by the pattern of temporarily coursing water, I wondered what the Creator had in mind when he set the thunderstorm in motion.

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