The ONE THING for today

Please show up

  • Lamentations 4:17 (MSG) We watched and watched, wore our eyes out looking for help. And nothing.  We mounted our lookouts and looked for the help that never showed up.

There are many things you do in life that are like a whisper, but if you don’t do them it is like a shout.

For example grandparents attending the wedding of a grandchild. If they show up it only makes a little stir in the big rush of events. There will be a quick hug and kiss, a few pleasantries and then the soon to be married grandchild is off to deal with the details of their big day or more likely to be with their friends while worried parents take care of the details.

Oh but if one of the grandparents do not show up (and they could have).

After the dust has settled and the newly wed grandchild has had time to think about the things that really matter, the fact that their grandparent didn’t show up will speak volumes for the rest of that grandchild’s life.

There are many examples like this.

Remember, before making a decision about participating or not, often it is not so much the importance of what you will add by being there but what you will subtract by not being there.

Often we do the most good with our lives by just showing up.

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