The ONE THING for today

Change your mind

I have a strange assignment for you today: Change your mind.

I don’t really care about what—as long as it is wise; it’s the exercise itself that I am focused on.

Of course there are the people whose opinions and principles are like wax—every time the heat is turned up they melt and run off; that is not what I’m talking about.

But it is possible to get “calcified” with our thinking. As the old timers used to say, we can “get sot in our ways”. (Sot = set if you couldn’t figure that one out:))

When I was a boy people who were struggling with memory issues were described as having “hardening of the arteries.” I’m not sure how scientific that was, but I’m afraid it describes us many times in our thinking.

There is a place to have rock solid principles and values. There is a place to be resolute in our stand on a matter. But there is also a place to change our minds. We are not God, we are not infallible, we do not have all the facts and never will; it’s important to be open to change.

So unless you’re God (and you’re not!) then you are wrong—wrong about something and someone all the time. It should frighten you if you’re not changing your mind regularly for that means you’ve allowed yourself to become shut off from growing in the truth.

Examine your prejudices, opinions, likes/dislikes, and habits and find something to change. Intentionally think about something or someone (even yourself) and change your mind. It’s healthy, liberating, and humbling – all good things.

Remember, the next time someone describes you in a way that includes “stubborn”, run for the fire exits! It probably means you need to change your mind about something.

So the ONE THING for today: Change your mind, it will be OK, you’re survive; wise people will testify to the truth of what I’m saying.

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