The ONE THING for today

Do the courageous thing.

  • Joshua 1:7 (NKJV) Only be strong and very courageous…

Let me give you a good rule of thumb for making decisions.  When faced with a tough choice, one of the best ways of knowing what to do is do what requires the most courage.  Courage is not required for being selfish, self-centered and doing the easy and popular thing.  Courage is not required for doing lay-ups and collecting “gimme putts.”

However, should you seek to deny self and choose to go against the tide of popular opinion, now that takes courage.  It takes courage to risk friendships, advancement and advantage by doing the right thing.  It takes courage to transcend racism, prejudice and the “pile on” tendency we humans have against someone who is not a part of the “group.”

It takes courage to develop a budget and stick with it.  It takes courage to live a healthy lifestyle.  It takes courage to serve God.  It takes courage to turn the other cheek, go the extra mile and bless those that hate you.  It takes courage to give.  It takes courage to make lifetime commitments…and keep them.

Well, you get the picture; do the courageous thing.  In the end, you’re not regret it.

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