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Christmas in March

  • Numbers 18:6 (NKJV) Behold, I Myself have taken your brethren the Levites from among the children of Israel; they are a gift to you, given by the Lord…

During our recent vacation Sonja and I were enjoying a lazy afternoon together and Sonja was showing me different pictures on her tablet. She showed me a couple that had captured special moments of this past year’s Christmas. I made the statement, “That was one of the best Christmases of my life.” As soon I made that statement I checked myself—anytime you label something as “best” or “worse” in your entire life you’d better bookmark that event.imagesCA14IVWS

So why was Christmas 2013 one of the very best in my life?

Without going into the specifics let me explain the reason…it has been an evolution.

When I was young the best-in-a-lifetime Christmases were highlighted by those Christmases in which I received something special.

Then there came a time my best-in-a-lifetime Christmases were highlighted by those special Christmases in which I was able to give something special to those I love.

Now I am at a stage in life in which my best-in-a-lifetime Christmases are highlighted by those special loved ones I am able to be with during Christmas.

I still enjoy receiving gifts—there’s nothing wrong with that; receiving a specially chosen gift from those you love is affirming and gratifying. I also still enjoy giving specially chosen gifts to those I love—giving is a wonderful way to say: “I love you.”

However, as the years have accumulated in my life I have come to realize that most precious and valuable gift is family and friends.

I remember that first year in which there was an empty place as we gathered around the Christmas tree—someone I truly enjoyed sharing Christmas with was no longer with us. Each year it seems the empty spaces grows as God calls home more and more of my family and friends.

Be reminded today, whether young or old, there is really only one guarantee in life—death comes to all; that is why it is so important to savor and treasure those moments we have together with those we love, whether it is December or March or any other time of the year.

Remember that today when the irritations and struggles of life try to pull you away from what really matters.

Post Script…

As I was finishing up this blog back during my vacation, I heard Sonja knocking on the glass door of the balcony that came with our room; she was motioning for me to step out with her; being a good husband I obeyed; what she wanted to show me was the sunset.

As we stood there that day watching God masterfully paint yet one more beautiful sunset I thanked him for the special gift (I still like to receive gifts). But in the interest of full disclosure, I have witnessed many of God’s landscape masterpieces over the years; what really made this one special was because of the special, special person I was able to share the moment with—my dear wife, Sonja.

imagesCA3C988RHow ironic, I was able to practice the principle behind today’s blog even as I was writing it. I hope you get to practice its principle today as you’re reading it (or sometime very soon).

One thought on “Christmas in March

  1. David, I have had many, many special ‘Christmases! But the ones I share with family and friends now, in the sunset of my life, are the most special of all!

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