The ONE THING for today

The thing that matters

  • Acts 24:16 (NKJV) I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men. 

Something matters to you. I’m not taking about a minor hunger pain that reminds you that it is lunch time or a tiny irritation like having a traffic light turn red on you when you’re in a hurry. No, I’m talking about that something that really, really matters to you; that something that matters so much that you’re willing to sacrifice for it, change for it, go for it.benq_3d_glasses

Some would call that “something” your vision or your passion.

Your vision or your passion is like 3-d glasses. People see you weaving and bobbing and think you’re a little crazy but the truth is you see things that others don’t see and that vision causes you to act in ways that are different from others.

However, be aware of this: vision leaks; passion dissipates.

If you do not make the committed choice to keep the things that really, really matter a major priority your life will become consumed with minor hunger pains and little irritations and one day you’re come to your senses and realize that you spent your life on things that do not really matter.

Wear those “3-D glasses” today; view all of life through the lens of that thing that really, really matters.

Feed your passion not your belly.


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