The ONE THING for today

You Can Do Better Than Store Nuts!

This is number three on the all-time top read blogs I’ve posted–I like it; it is a good reminder.

(Number two tomorrow and Number one the next day.)

  • 2 Corinthians 1:17 (NKJV) Therefore, when I was planning this, did I do it lightly? 

One of the things that separate us from the animals is that we humans can think about and plan for the future.

I know that there are animals (squirrels for example) that instinctively store food for the winter, but that was programmed into them by our Creator.  We humans move far beyond a programmed compulsion to store nuts for the winter.  God has gone so far as to “put eternity in our hearts” (Ecc. 3:11).Young Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) with pyramid of hazel nuts

For the last 200+ years, we have lived in the industrial age.  This meant that inventors sat around thinking of ways to build machines that replaced people.  The way to make money was to build a machine that replaced people (that you had to pay) and let it sit there and spit out products that you could sell.

That has changed.  Life is changing too fast for machines.  By the time you build the perfect machine, it is outdated.  In other words, there has never been a time when being a human was more advantageous!

Thank goodness, you are not a machine…you can change, adapt, see and plan on a better future…which tells me you have a future!

You see, if you are not careful, you will use your God-given ability to think about the future to worry about the future instead of seeing a better future and making intentional decision toward creating that new and better future.

Dear friend, do not sit passively by and allow life to just happen…believe that God put you on this planet at this time and place for a special plan and purpose.  Agree with Him.

Peer into the future.

Wrestle with the future.

Claim your stake in the future.

Spend a part of each day planting seeds for your future.

And whatever you do, don’t allow worries about the future to paralyze you.  Whatever your stage of life right now – you do have a future.  Do not give up, do not despair, and do not become trapped in the tyranny of today’s urgent demands; dream a little – your best days are ahead.

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