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Who is your hero?

  • Ephesians 5:1 (AMP) Therefore be imitators of God [copy Him and follow His example], as well-beloved children [imitate their father].

One of the most precious memories of my life was a Sunday afternoon when my son was but a young boy.  We were heading to our table at one of our favorite restaurants to enjoy Sunday lunch when we happened upon a gentleman that I was acquainted with.  Wanting to be friendly, we paused a minute to greet him.  While doing so I introduced my wife and son—Lee.

untitledThe man looked Lee in the eyes and asked, “Young man, who is your hero?”  Without any hesitation Lee responded, “My daddy.”

That was not the answer that I or the man asking the question expected; but like Mary concerning her own son, I have treasured that event in my heart to this day.

My point in asking this is to ask you: “Who is your hero?”

Or put another way, if you could only choose one person to pattern your life after, who would it be?

The Apostle Paul’s answer was God (“Be imitators of God”).

If you agree then that means you are committing to truly making God a priority; nay, the priority.  If imitating God is your goal then that means you’ve committed to staying in his presence in order to learn (and mimic) his ways.

A word of caution: Don’t confuse being a fan of God with being a follower of God.

Being a fan is a low-impact commitment; being a follower of God is an entirely different proposition.

There is a real danger of watering down the meaning of “hero” to simply mean “being a fan of…”

You can be a fan of Mexican food, Fords, and Country music but that requires little commitment and has very little impact on your life.  But to make someone your hero means they have a claim on your life.  Like the soldiers who gave their lives for us at Normandy, we owe them something—they are true heroes.  Minimally, we must never allow their sacrifice to be imagesforgotten.  Preferably, we will live our lives worthily of the great sacrifice that they made to purchase our freedom.

How much more must we honor the great sacrifice of God our Savior?  Truly he is a hero worthy of our honor, praise and imitation.


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