Shoveling for a Valentine

  • Matthew 7:8 (NKJV) For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

Yesterday afternoon the door bell rang; standing at the door (shovel in hand) was a young man willing to hire himself out to clean the snow from my driveway and walkway—all for the price of 15.00.imagesCANCX7R0

His reason: he was trying to earn enough money to purchase his girlfriend a Valentine’s Day gift.

And who said chivalry is dead?

I tip my hat to that young man; it takes a lot of courage to walk up to a door and knock.

The same is true in our relationship with God.  Jesus said that prayer is like knocking on Heaven’s door.

There’s no way around it, prayer is an aggressive activity.  It’s not a one-time event where you dump your prayer request in God’s lap and then come back a few days later and complain because He didn’t jump right on it for you.

Prayer is preparing yourself, getting it straight in your mind what you are going to say,  and then bravely walking up to the doors of Heaven and knocking—and knocking and knocking…

For the courageous one who is willing to keep on knocking on Heaven’s door there is a promise: “it will be opened.”

Oh, and by the way, along with the 15.00 dollars, I gave the young man an extra 5.00 for his effort; I suspect our Father God will do the same for you if you will just have the gumption and courage to knock.

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