The ONE THING for today

Your Own Personal Playbook…

  • Deuteronomy 17:18 (TLB) And when he has been crowned and sits upon his throne as king, then he must copy these laws from the book kept by the Levite-priests.

I want to take a page out of your high school English teacher’s playbook and encourage you to do a book report; that’s right—a book report. images

I am privileged to have a lot of high-octane friends and colleagues who are voracious readers.  However, there are some books which deserve more than being read; they need to be digested.

Start your own personal play book of wisdom gained and lessons learned and add a few book reports each year as you go; and then take a few moments each day to review them.  Your life will be greatly enriched by the investment.

I’ve heard it said of someone who “they’ve forgotten more than I know.”  Well I know something better: remembering what you learn!  Starting your own personal playbook and adding a few book reports each year will go a long way in making this come true.


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