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You will life will not improve unless…

  • Proverbs 24:14 (NIV) Know also that wisdom is like honey for you: If you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. Be-Different

One of two things must happen if you have any realistic hope of your life improving.  You must do something different or add something new.

Your life may be so bad that if you looked up the definition of hell in the dictionary it would have two pictures to describe it: the first picture being the hot place and the other your place.  Or, your life may be just fine, thank you.  But either way, if you have any hope of your life improving then it is insanity to expect your life to improve by you doing the same thing you’ve always done.

Whether it is your marriage, your weight, your career—whatever; if you hope to see improvement you are going to have to change your habits and do something different; or better yet, you are going to have to add a new ingredient to the mix.

So, what will it be?  What are you going to start doing different and what are you going to add that has not been in the mix?  Until you answer those questions forget any real improvement.  At best you can only expect to become better at maintaining the status quo—and status quo is just a fancy expression to describe a life going nowhere…slowly.

One thought on “You will life will not improve unless…

  1. So true! And I can think of some things to add to my own ‘mix’ and some to take away! I will start now and not wait for my ‘New Year’s Resolutions”.

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