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Holy Huddles

  • Mark 9:2 (NKJV) Now after six days Jesus took Peter, James, and John, and led them up on a high mountain apart by themselves; and He was transfigured before them.

Over the weekend I enjoyed a very special experience—I attended an event at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove.Cove-5

I was reminded of how many times over the years I have heard someone comment on how we Christians tend to get off in our “holy huddles” enjoying ourselves while the world is lost and on its way to hell (or some such dire prediction).

I’m sure that in most cases the people who make these rather rash statements mean well; after all, huddles aren’t what the games about.

However, I must say it was nice to be in a place where it was not only “OK” to be a Christian, but expected.  It was nice to spend a couple of days not having to dodge unsavory language, and keep a constant vigilance to protect myself from a world that is hell-bent on dragging me down to the base, carnal, and lustful.

It was nice to spend a couple of days not worrying about someone stealing from me or killing me.  It was nice walking on ground that had been dedicated to God, sleeping under the roof of a holy place and enjoying my meals with fellow believers.

Frankly, I enjoyed the holy huddle and I say to those that criticize Christians for wanting to get a way for (as we say in the South) “a little spell” to lighten up—holy huddles don’t have to be bad.

Sometimes we Christians get a little weary and need to catch our breath.  Sometimes we need to get away from the world and get together for a short season to review the game plan and remember why we do what we do and for whom we do it.

By the way, as I was describing the “holy huddle” it began to remind me of church—at least the way its suppose to be.  Most of us don’t have the Autumn-shotopportunity to attend Christian retreat centers too often, but I guarantee you there’s a good church somewhere near you that will provide you a respite from the fray and allow a little “huddle time” to energize you to get back in the game.

Last Saturday, my wife and I got back in our car and drove back down the mountain to Fort Mill and got back in the game; but it was sure nice to have a short season to catch our breath and be among fellow “huddlers” and the wonderful staff at The Cove.

Go Team Christian!  Thank God we are on the winning team even when the going is tough; and thank God for those special time when we can call time out and go to the huddle.


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