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When you’re full, you’re full

  • 2 Corinthians 4:7 (NKJV) But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.

Let me introduce you to a brut reality: Every person you know (including yourself) has a limited capacity.

Just as a drinking glass can only hold a limited amount of water, so too, the people in your life have a limited capacity; and to expect more from them than God intended is to risk damaging your relationship with them.

I have been a proponent of personal growth for many years, and I stand by that.  Reach the end of your days having maximized your potential and fulfilled your purpose.  Nevertheless, do not forget that the “Potter” created you with limited capacity.

We all can only do what we can do; we all can only be what we can be; and to expect otherwise is to run the risk of destroying precious and fragile relationships that could endure happily for a lifetime.

Unlimited potential is an illusion and to expect it in others or yourself is to set yourself up for constant disappointment.

I will tell you where you and those around you do have unlimited potential: in value.

5103430779_cf28b82f78_zJust as a Ming dynasty tea-cup has far more value than a Dollar General coffee mug, so can your love and appreciation grow for people.

Instead of constantly sabotaging your relationship with those around you by expecting more from them than they have the capacity or maturity to deliver, why not focus on their inestimable value—just as they are.

I’m sorry…

  • Every child is not a genius; and your child probably will not make it to the big leagues
  • Every husband is not a tender, sensitive romantic (a la Nicholas Sparks character)
  • And every wife is not a love goddess with a cooking program on the Food Network
  • Every neighbor is not a millionaire (and if they are they are more likely to be like the Beverly Hillbillies!)
  • And every friend is not “BFF” (Best Friends Forever)
  • And every associate is not someone who can advance your career
  • And just because you smile doesn’t mean people smile back
  • And just because you know what people ought to do doesn’t mean they’re get it

Bottom line, people have limitations.  However, the death of Jesus Christ on Calvary is a reminder of their incalculable value; focus on their value not their limitations and watch how your relationship with them improves.

One thought on “When you’re full, you’re full

  1. David, I was thinking this morning that if you compiled all of your devotionals which you put on your blog into a book, it would be a great blessing. Love, Mom

      The Lord is my rock…in whom I take refuge… Psalm 18:2

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