The ONE THING for today

I trust you to act like you…

  • Psalm 62:5 (NKJV) My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.

The one thing for today builds off yesterday’s blog (see link below).

What I’d like to highlight today is: Expectations are powerful things; they can be the hammer that shatters or the hands that cradle.Danger-Expectations

For example, most people understand that a glass was not designed to scoop rocks out of a rock quarry, and to do so is to guarantee that eventually they will shatter the glass.   Yet those same people will often fail to make the same connection when it comes to people.

One of the most favorite lines teenagers use with their parents is, “You don’t trust me.”

My dad had the perfect response (through I didn’t like it at the time).  His response would be, “Oh yes, I do trust you, I trust you to be a teenager.”

In other words, my dad was clear on expectations.  He understood that whether I acted like a responsible teenager or an irresponsible teenager, there were still limitations to what he could expect from me and he factored that in when responding to one of my petitions.

One of my wife’s favorite adages concerning a healthy marriage addresses this issue as well.  She suggests that one of the secrets to a happy marriage is lower expectations.

What she is advocating is not allowing abusive or immoral behavior or irresponsible and destructive behavior.  What she is advocating is: realistic expectations.

  • Children are going to act like children.
  • Teenagers are going to act like teenagers.
  • Men are going to be men and women are going to be women.
  • Sinners are going to act like…well sinners (and Christians are going to act like sinners sometimes).
  • For bosses and their companies—it’s going to be “business first”; no matter how much you want them too, they are not employing you to be their buddy and jobs are not about having fun–they’re about producing a profit for the company.
  • Our politicians are going to always be fighting about something and there is never going to be a president that everybody likes.
  • There will always be crooks and cranks and there will always be people who will rain on your party.
  • And the people you love the most will disappoint you and let you down.

To expect otherwise is like trying to use a glass to scoop rocks out of a rock quarry—it’s unrealistic.

Yes, expectations are powerful things; they can be the hammer that strikes the shattering blow, or they can be the wise hands that cradle fragile relationships so that they endure for a lifetime.

One thought on “I trust you to act like you…

  1. Beautifully said Pastor and Sonja. We have had to do a lot of biting of the lip in family situations. Have a blessed day….with love…..Joe & Ann

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