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A word from Sonja about forgetfulness…

In a recent email to her Sunday School, my wife Sonja wrote the following; I thought it worth sharing…

    Three years ago this week (Oct. 22) my Daddy went home to his Heavenly reward.  I would like to revisit some devotional thoughts I wrote in his honor this week...

    Visiting someone you love who is trapped in the mire of Alzheimer’s is one of the most difficult things you will ever do.  When you look into their eyes and see no recognition what-so-ever, it causes pain that limited vocabulary cannot begin to express.
In the early years I wrestled with God over this injustice, badgering Him with, "Why, Why, Why"?  Some things we will never know the answer to, so it is much better to ask, "What are You trying to teach me"?
One of the things that I have learned is to never take someone for granted.  We do not know what the future holds, so we need to see each day as an opportunity to love those God has entrusted us with.  

    I also feel that God has given me a tiny glimpse into His heart.   If my heart broke over the forgetfulness of my Dad, how must Father God's heart ache over the millions of people created in His image who have no idea who He is.  Hear His plaintive cry in Jeremiah 2:32 (NIV):    "Does a maiden forget her jewelry, a bride her wedding ornaments?  Yet my people have forgotten Me."

Forgetfulness is a terrible trait that can have devastating consequences.

  •  Have you forgotten why you got married?  Have you forgotten the love you felt and the joy just being in their presence brought?  Do you remember when life was not about surviving, but about making each other smile?
  • Have you forgotten why you had children?  
  • Have you forgotten why God blesses us?  (Hint: so that we can BE a blessing…)

Alzheimer's is a horrible disease.  Spiritual Alzheimer's is worse.  May the Lord help us to remember what is truly important in life and to never forget that "the greatest of these is love"."

Loving you, Sonja


6 thoughts on “A word from Sonja about forgetfulness…

  1. Thank you – I ask why all the time and I ask that same question – what are you trying to teach me? My Dad is Bishop James Wiley. Pastor Kemp knows my parents – my Mom taught him piano. His parents were with me at the hospital when I had my first child. I always ask why when someone worked so hard for souls, was such a prayer warrior, and was dedicated and committed to living for God. Why would this terrible disease happen to him. And my Mom has short term memory and that is bad but in a different way. Just keep them in your prayers. Thank you. Their daughter, Travis Maness. And keep me in your prayers – it is tough as you know. I saw this through a mutual friend – Barbara Rutland.

    • Hey Travis, it was so good to hear from you. I remember your parents with much fondness. I still play Amazing Grace the way your mother taught me.

      I will pass along your remarks to Sonja.

      Kindest regards,


  2. Sonja, that was beautifully said and we say a big AMEN to that! God bless your day! Lots of Love….Joe & Ann

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