The ONE THING for today

Oceanic Truths…

  • Deuteronomy 33:27 (NKJV) The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms 

Summer is that time of the year that many of us make our annual pilgrimage to the ocean.  There’s just something about the ocean that draws us.  CUBA

The ancient seas with their vast, untamed strength and uncharted depths have a way of putting life back into perspective.

I never leave the sea without being humbled–in a good way.  As I make my way along the beach being soothed by the crashing of the waves and the screeching of the sea gulls, I am reminded that like my footprints in the sand, my life is passing quickly.  I am reminded that only what I do for God will last.

Yet I am reminded that like the ancient oceans, God is ancient (eternal).  He is always there if we care to walk with Him.  We can’t tame Him or plumb the depths of his wisdom and might, but we can rest in the knowledge that He is and that He cares and that He knows even if we don’t–and that’s enough.

Bottom line, I’m reminded that humility is a good thing.  The magic of the ocean puts things back into perspective: God is God and we’re not.  What we do matters and who we are matters, but when all has been said and done: it is the Eternal God and Father of us all that must be our focus and pursuit; only in Him will we find the peace and security that we so desperately need.

(God bless you J.W. // may the eternal God give you peace and strength today.)


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