Why are you living for the weekend?

Saturday Salutations!

I hope you are reading this a little later than usual which leads me to the one think I’d like for you to think about today: Intentionally do something that delights you every day.

It is so easy to develop a “living-for-the-weekend” mindset.  The tragedy of this is that the “living-for-the-weekend” mindset has a twin (almost identical) whose name is “Monday-Friday-till-4:00 p.m.-is-drudgery.”

For most people this is never intentionally clarified in their mind but for all practical purposes this is their expectation.  They enter a week dreading Monday and longing for Friday afternoon.  What a way to live!  They expect the work week or the school week to be tough (expectation met :() and they expect the weekend to be great (usually under-delivers :().

Rory is excited about spending his first Easter with “Papa” – a moment of delight.

That is not how life should be lived.  Do something that delights you every day.  Matter of fact, think “I.V.”; hook up a “Joy I.V.” into your soul and “drip by drip” inject joy into your life daily.I pray that you have a great weekend, but spend a little time over the next couple days thinking of ways to recalibrate your life next week.  You are not a slave or victim to the mindset of those around you.  As a Christ-follower the trajectory of your life is heading toward unbelievable joys and pleasures for eternity (Psalm 16:11).   And remember, you are now living in eternity.  Why wait to experience the benefits?



2 thoughts on “Why are you living for the weekend?

  1. I completely agree that your expectations can drive the outcome. My struggles with “living for the weekend” come when I “wish away the day”. Meaning, I am to forward looking and miss the positives that are right in front of me. Do something that delights me today….taking my family for a hike at the Greenway….check!


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