Today’s “One Thing”

Hello with a heartfelt prayer for God’s favor upon you today!

Albert Einstein was reputed to have declared that “compound interest” is the most powerful force in the universe and the eighth wonder of the world.   I’m not sure about that, but the principle of compounding does lead me to the one thing that I’d like for you to reflect on today and that is: The trajectory of your life is mostly determined by the daily choices you make.

Your life is going somewhere whether you intentionally do anything about it or not.  Your daily choices are nudging you in an upward direction of ever-increasing improvement and fulfillment or in a downward slide of ever-increasing dissipation and despair.

Please remember this; all choices have consequences that you will not escape.  For example, a lousy diet will compound into lousy health someday.  A good diet will compound into a far better quality of life than you would have had had you not made the effort.  Every sphere of life is this way.

My main reason for mentioning this is to remind you to allow nothing to stop you in your pursuit knowing God.  Your decision to daily make “God-choices” will not always bring with it a “wow factor”.  Matter of fact, sometimes your “God-choices” will be more like pushing aside a piece of cake or fried chicken (which is the greater temptation?) for something that is

Now you know what news anchor is talking about each day when they say, the Dow was up or down so much.

(long-term) more beneficial.  But the power of compounding will slowly but surely overwhelm you with goodness and mercy and eventually you will dwell in the house of the Lord forever (Psalm 23:6-7).Remember, you are going to live forever.  A penny put into an account drawing 1% interest compounded only annually for 5000 years will turn into $40,445,379,355,237,105,000.00.  Can you imagine what the compound effect will be in your life eternally as you daily set the trajectory of your life toward God?

And remember, as the good investment advisor will tell you about your money – it is never too late to start saving; likewise, it is never too late to start making good choices.

Finally, I want to remind you to relax and enjoy today.  The goal is to make wise, God-trajectory decisions not conquer the world.  Do your best and leave the rest to time…God’s compounding time…the most powerful force in the universe.

Blessings and Godspeed,


3 thoughts on “Today’s “One Thing”

  1. Well, as a Finance major and High Yield Bond trader, I completely understand the impact of compounding interest. As a husband and father of two, I appreciate your application of it to our daily life’s choices. Thanks Pastor.


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