Granddad Withdrawals…

090702 DLK3 - A boy and his dogWell it had to happen, I can’t see my grandson everyday of his life so I’m going to “bit the bullet” and not drive over to see him today.  I’ve been a little sad about it all day but, God willing, I’ll see him tomorrow.

But let me leave a thought with you.   As I’ve thought about the joy that the birth of David Lee has been to my life, I sensed the Holy Spirit reminding me one morning this week of the even greater joy that the birth of Jesus should be in my life.  I was reminded that it is so easy to get used to having Jesus with us that we forget how it was when we didn’t have Him with us.   It was a good reminder for me a few mornings ago, maybe it will be a good reminder for you as well.



P.S. Today’s picture is of David Lee and his dog – “Chase.”  It just seemed right to add this one; every little boy needs a dog.

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