May 9, 2009

May 9, 2009

Good morning!

This is my first real effort at “blogging” (a word that did not exist when I was born.) It sort of sounds like “gagging!” Oh well, life move on:)

What I have done is give you bits and pieces of my personal devotions. I will try to do this on a daily basis – but only as I can. It will include:

 a “prayer of the day”
 a possible entry from my wife’s previous year’s journal
 an affirmation
 and my quotes for the day

My hope is that they will help you on your daily journey.

So here goes…

Prayer of the day…

 Prayer for the day: Today my devotional reading pointed me to the examples of Philip and James – the first two known Christians martyrs (The Book of Common Prayer). It was a good reminder. Our Christian faith can become so familiar and common to us that we can forget just how precious it is. There have been countless numbers of people who have been willing to die for this precious faith that we have. (They are countless to us; but not to God!). Today it is my desire that the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts and refresh our love and passion for Jesus Christ – our savior who shed his own blood for our redemption. Truly He is worth dying for and worth living for!

A year ago today…

 This day a year ago: A year ago today I was in Pensecola Florida to interview Pastor Jonathan. I was just beginning the long process of finding the right Fine Arts/Worship Director for our church. Little did I know at that first interview how Pastor Jonathan was going to change our lives – for the better! I thank God that He directs our steps. Who knows, maybe looking back on today a year from now, you may discover that God set you up for a great blessing today!

My definition of Success…

1. 040518, 040127, 030724: My definition of Success is: To be at peace with God and if possible all people

2. 040127: My definition of Success is: To be loved and respected by those who know me best

 090509: Tomorrow will make the last day that I will have five figures to live until I’m 80. I will have 10,000 days more to live. After that it drops to four figures (9999). This is just a reminder to me to stay focused on what really matters!
 081106: Last night was a similar experience from my 080202 entry. Lee and I visited in the hospitals together and really enjoyed each other’s company.
 080202: This morning Sonja and I were reading our journals together and I noticed that a year ago today it snowed and our kids all came over to our house for dinner and games. It makes me feel good that our kids want to be with us. That was truly a successful day! Holy Spirit, may that always be the case. I want to finish strong – loved, respected and mourned.

Quotes of the Day:

 090509: “I don’t think I have ever undertaken a major evangelistic outreach without encountering some kind of problem, either in my own life or in the mission itself.” _Billy Graham, The Journey, p. 95
 090509, 080509, 070510, 060623, 050322, 040326, 031022: “I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser than he was yesterday.” _Abraham Lincoln
 090509, 080509, 070510, 060623 (Santee, SC), 050323, 040326: “When the mouse laughs at the cat, there’s a hole nearby.” _Nigerian proverb
 090509, 080509, 070510, 060624 (Santee), 050325, 040331, 031022: “In order to do more, I’ve got to be more.” _Jim Rohn
 090509, 080509, 070512, 051130: “Have you lived all your life on Swan’s Island? “Not yet.” (Answer given to me by life-time resident on Swan’s Island, ME) (Used with 080509 devotional)

Blessings to everyone! Please make time to prepare yourself for worship tomorrow. And also, I want to remind you that tomorrow is “Mother’s day.”

david l. kemp
12:13 p.m.

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