My first entry

This is a test or possibly trial that Pastor Jonathan and Hal Douglas are torturing me with. I hope I survive being pushed into the 21st century.

2 thoughts on “My first entry

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    Here is my very first blog – first posted on April 8, 2009.

    My then Minister of Worship Arts – Jonathan Sawyer and a tech-savvy young man in the church – Hal Douglas – insisted that I start a blog that would give me a way to speak to my congregation and perhaps to others beyond.

    Oh I did not want to do it! Learn a new trick? Not this old dog. But finally they wore me down and I made the plunge.

    Now, almost 14 years later and 2765 posts later I am still blogging and have been so enriched by the effort and, it appears, have helped a few others along the way.

    That leads me to this…what new things are you resisting? That new technology, job, trip, habit or…whatever…that could enrich your life and give you a better platform to serve others.

    2023 is the year. Go for it!

    And thanks Pastor Jonathan and Hal…for pushing me to grow; this old dog is now a believer.


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