This blog features the occasional ruminations and reflections of the most blessed man in the world…husband of Sonja, father of Lee and Briana, father-in-law of Jennifer and Jonathan, “papa” of Trinitee, David Lee, Ella Grace, Rory and Annie.

Also, blessed to have the best parents in the world and the best friends in the world…

…and in addition (wonder of wonders // I am stunned), God lets me putter around with him and allows me to “help” Him with a few things.


David L. Kemp

150628 Family Vacation-Sonja and me and all the kiddies

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    • Hello Pastor and Mrs. Kemp, My husband and I have not been to church in a while but we were truly blessed this am at the 2012 New Years service. Thak you so much for sharing your very personal struggles. You spoke directly to the struggles of both me and my husband over the last year. You are such a blessing! Happy New Year! Hynek and Tracy Lettang

      • Bless you! Thanks for letting Sonja and me know that our story helped. We’re all on a journey called life, it is so much more easy to make the journey when we discover we’re not on the journey alone. I pray you have a great 2012 and I look forward to getting to know Team Lettang this year 🙂

  1. I pray that I will be more forgiving to my 3 yr old grand daughter when she acts her age. May I act my age and not my disposition.

    • Eddie, I hate telling you this \ but the reason we have those “dispositions” is because of our age! We old fellows just get grumpy sometimes \ thank goodness we have grandchildren that love us anyway!

    • Annette, I noticed that you posted your comment last night at 10:10! How do you do it? As hard as you work, I’m impressed! But why am I surprised…you are a “B-E-S-T” type of person 🙂

  2. Finally subscribing to your blog. You really are the best Pastor I have ever had and FMCOG is the best church I have ever been associated with in my life.

    • Hey Victor / I’m glad you’ve subscribed to my blog / I promise to try to continue to speak hope, health and life into your life / I am truly pulling for you and believing with you all the way / you’re a special inspiration to all of us. Love you brother!

  3. I have been so busy I don’t get to this site often, but I do want to keep up to date on what is happening in your family’s lives. I didn’t know about your granddaughter. Great. I’ll be praying for a save delivery.
    God’s blessings on you and yours. Cyndie G.

    • Hello Cyndie! Thank you for your prayers / I am so excited about a granddaughter coming soon! She is due in October. Since its October I thought about asking for October 1st (my birthday!)

  4. I look forward to receiving Pastor’s blog directly to my email! I appreciate his taking time to share his day with us.

    • Hey David, there should be a link at the bottom of your blog page that will allow you to subscribe / let me know if you have any problems signing up.

  5. Hey! Pastor.
    I’m looking forward in receving the Blog’s that you’re posting… you’re such an awesome pastor! Keep up this Great Work! In Christ…Bro. David Baker

  6. I am looking forward to receiving your blog directly to my work email! Thank-you for the inspiring and heart-felt Father’s Day Service this morning, your wisdom and talents are amazing! FYI: I start each day reading your daily devotion followed by prayer; thank-you for taking the time to leave such a positive imprint on so many, May God continue to Bless you and your family!

    • Thanks Regina! You made my day / knowing that I’m making a difference in people’s lives is the “soul food” that keeps me going. You mentioned that my blog goes to your work email, most of the time I prepare my blog in the evening and thus conclude with a good evening / perhaps I should also start include a “Good morning!” 🙂 So for you – “Good morning!” I pray that this message will find things going well for you.

  7. Good morning Pastor Kemp…we enjoy reading your Weekly Devotional and now we are excited about receiving your Blog page right into our e-mail inbox. We love and appreciate you, Sonja and your family and all that you do for us. We thank you for making our 50th Anniversary a very special night that we will never forget! Have a blessed day!…..Love Joe & Ann

    • My dearly love “Romans”! Knowing that you are reading my blogs and devotions will only make the work more joyful. Blessings to you two old “love birds”! 🙂

  8. thanks for all you do, Pastor. you feed us so much of The Word and of wisdom. it’s a honor to have you strengthening and growing our family in wisdom as we walk with The Lord. you and Sonja are the B-E-S-T!! =)

  9. Just wanted to say that Sonja, you, and the family are in the Buffington’s prayers, with the passing of Sonja’s dad.

  10. Pastor Kemp,
    We look forward to your blog. We missed all of you this Sunday. I know you have felt the comfort of the Lord in the loss of your loved one.
    Debbie was awesome in a message of the Samaritan woman.

    Love and appreciate you,
    Ramona Helton

    • Hey Ramona! Thank you for your message. Sorry about taking so long to get back with you…it seems like a lifetime since the weekend that Debbie preached. I’m thankful that her ministry ministered to you. Also, thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the time of my father-in-law’s death. It meant the world to us. Blessings, dlk

  11. So glad you are back in the pulpit again! We are totally on the same page…trying to get a little less grown up ourselves and looking forward to a new year of peace, fun, ministry, balance.
    Thank you for the weekly devotional and the blog. We love you and Sonja very much and are praying for you and yours. U

    • My dear Rileys – I’ll forever be grateful for our “God appointment” we shared together. Thanks for everything.

  12. Hello Pastor Kemp!
    I hope you are well there in SC. We are under a blanket of snowy white here in Iowa, but I love the beauty of God’s creation all decked out in its winter best. I enjoy reading your blog and miss your preaching. But hopefully I will come home this summer and be at FMCOG for worship. Take care. Kathy & family

  13. Thank you for the encouragemnt. I’m checking this out to see if the email update notices go through. Thanks again.
    Pam Kawakami

  14. Hello Pastor Kemp! Just wanted to plug in so I can keep up with what’s going on at the FMCOG(my favorite church in the world).

  15. Hey Pastor Kemp, I sent you an email on Facebook. When you get a chance, will you take a look and let me know what you think?


    • Hey Rebecca, I will take a look at your message // please be patient with me // I didn’t look at Facebook at all while I was on vacation and as a result I have a “ton” of messages // I haven’t had the courage to start working through them 🙂

  16. Thank you Pastor Kemp for ALWAYS praying with our family.

    It takes courage to make a change but I know you are led by our Lord! He has great blessings for you because of your obedience. We are very happy for you!

    I have never known a pastor who has always taken time for all his people’s needs! You have the patience of Job and will be greatly missed!

    Blessings! The Huntsingers

  17. Pastor Kemp thank you for allowing me to join your blog. I hope you and Sonja are getting settled in your new position in. Donna and I love you dearly.
    May the Lord greatly Bless you in your new potion. Blessings!
    Aubrey & Donna Tickle

  18. I would like to receive your blogs when you post. I always enjoy your invites and encouraging words of wisdom. I don’t know much about doing this. But I am trying to get hooked up. Thank you for the good work you are doing. Love you!

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