Volume 2, No. 3: Can Fruitcake Make a Comeback?

Remember, my blogs are about random thoughts and ideas I have along the way of life.  I mention this because today’s blog certainly qualifies. 

So here’s a random question for you…can fruitcakes make a comeback?

In this modern world, fruitcake is about as sexy as your grandma.  Come to think of it, grandmas are about the only ones still baking them.

But I don’t get it.  Fruitcake has fruit in it.  How is that bad?  I know, sweets are not good for us but this is cake that also includes fruit and nuts (why don’t they call it Nut cake?).  Looks to me that that at least balances things out.  And if your put more fruit and nuts in the cake than sugar…well that ought to qualify fruitcake as health food.  (Talk about a winner!) 

I know, fruitcake doesn’t have all that fancy icing with the swirls and whorls and it doesn’t show up at birthday parties and weddings, but it should.   (Hey single guys, here’s a “fleece” to put before the Lord – you know she’s the one if she wants to use a fruitcake for her wedding cake!)

And hey, what’s keeping you from putting icing on your fruitcake?  Maybe that’s the way to help fruitcake have a comeback.  Or what about  this…fruitcake cupcakes?  (Say that seven times real fast.) Or fruitcake pies?  Or fruitcake pastry?  Surely one of those should be a hit with the ever so fickle public.    

I do know this, fruitcake needs to make a comeback…and so does attending church. 

Like fruitcake, church doesn’t have all the swirls and whorls of those edited services you watch on T.V. and it can’t compete with the fancy programs and well-dressed celebrity preachers and singers smiling at you as you sit in your sweatpants and munch on snacks on Sundays.  And it doesn’t have a chance against the multi-million dollar sport’s productions and other options that go on each Sunday.

But like grandmas…

You don’t visit your grandmother for the fruitcake (that’s a nice plus), you visit her because you love her and you love the rest of the family that shows up.  And that’s the same reason you show up at church. 

The music, preaching, and other events are nice but the reason you go is because you love God and you love your fellow-believers.

You see, church is God’s idea.  Things happen at church that happen nowhere else.  God reveals himself in a way there that just does not happen at home or in the public square.

Also, an added benefit is that church is probably your best chance of getting fruitcake because that is where all those praying grandmas are on Sunday and if you’re nice to them, they may bake you one. 

Oh well, I’m just dreaming I guess…but I like fruit and I like cake, and I love God and I love church, so it sure seems to me that it’s time for fruitcake and church to make a comeback.  And this I know, grandma agrees with me.

The ONE THING for today: It’s time for fruitcake and church attendance to make a comeback! (Below you will find my mom’s “Ice-Box Fruitcake” recipe which is one of my most favs.)

With warmest regards,  

David L. Kemp

Carolyn’s Ice-Box Fruitcake

  • 16 oz bag marshmallows
  • 1 can milk (12 oz Carnation)
  • 1 stick butter or margarine
  • Melt marshmallows and milk on very low heat. Regularly stir, keeping a close watch since the mixture will stick if heat is too high.
  • Add butter or margarine and stir in marshmallow mixture until melted
  • While marshmallows mixture is melting, prepare the following:
  • 1 16 oz. box graham crackers, finely crushed (I use my food processor to crush the crackers
  • 3 lbs. shelled pecans or walnuts, coarsely chopped
  • 15 oz raisins
  • Small bag of Baker’s coconut
  • 1 1/2 lb. candied fruit of your choice. Use more or less according to your taste preference. (I chopped it fine in the food processor)
  • Mix the fruit and nuts with the crushed crackers.
  • Mix the marshmallow and cracker/fruit/nut mixture together.
  • I melt the marshmallows and milk in a very large pot and then mix the cracker/fruit/nut mixture in a little at a time.
  • Pack into a lined baking pan, cover and put into your refrigerator overnight.
  • After cake is cold, place on cutting board and cut into strips; wrap each strip individually and refrigerate until served and then cut into slices. (Note: The cake freezes well.)

Picture credits: https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/fruitcake-0015112

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