He’s got the whole world in His hands. _Song learned in Sunday School

Generosity burnout.

Caregiver fatigue.

News overload.

These are real and they can come knocking at your door.

Everyday we are confronted with real and heartbreaking needs.

Causalities of war, natural disasters, crime, stress, hunger, sickness…it never stops…



There is always a hand extended asking, begging, pleading, and admonishing us to give, serve, and sacrifice.

And we should and we must.

We must do something, but not everything.

You, me, and everyone else is only one person. There is only so much that we can do and then someone else must pick it up from there.

Jesus’s words describing a woman in his day gives me peace. He said about her, “She has done what she could.”

That’s it dear friend. Do what you can and leave carrying the burdens of the world to the one who carries the world.

The ONE THING for today: God has put a few things under your care. Give them your best, and prayerfully leave the rest in more capable hands.

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