“You can’t let the absence of a perfect plan keep you from going with a perfectly good plan.” _D. Lee Kemp II

One of my dreams has been to visit the Alps. That dream came true over Christmas when Sonja and I visited my son and his family in Germany.

Turns out the Alps reach into the southern part of Germany and thus we were able to plan a day trip to visit them.

What I did not plan on was having to actually hike through the Alps (through deep snow at that). But that is exactly what happened.

Lee had done his homework and prepared the perfect plan for maximizing our time so that we could take the most scenic routes and visit the most important sites in the area.

There was only one problem, we got on the wrong tram (there goes the perfect plan) and had to improvise (adjust the perfect plan).

What this involved was a long hike down a ski slop in order to get to the next pickup station. Thankfully, it was mostly downhill and truthfully, that hike down the side of a majestic mountain ended up being one of the highlights of the day and even our trip. Who would have thought it. Not only did I see the Alps, I hiked in the Alps!

Of course my son, got a little good-natured abuse for messing up our perfect plan, but he was philosophical about it. Harking to his his military training, he said, “You can’t let the absence of a perfect plan keep you from going with a perfectly good plan.”

And that’s what we did, and that’s what we’ll all have to do — regularly — if we hope to make any progress in this decidedly imperfection world.

The ONE THING for today: Step one: Develop the perfect plan. Step two: Improvise as needed.

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” _Zig Ziglar

Photo by Karl Köhler on Unsplash

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