Walk ’em or walk away

“If a man can beat you, walk him.” _Satchel Paige

Satchel Paige, the famous big league pitcher, was famous for his quips and wit.

One of them was, “If a man can beat you, walk him.”

And believe me, as a pitcher in church leagues over the years, I’ve done my share of walking the homerun hitters.

But in real life I’d like to offer another option: If a man can beat you–let him and you walk away.

It’s a liberating day when you realize that you do not have to win at everything or every time. Matter of fact, most things in life do not have to be won…at least by you. 

There is no shame in admitting that others are better than you at certain things…even most things.  By walking away and letting the other guy win you are giving yourself the opportunity to focus on those things that you are the best at. 

And never doubt it…in your sphere of influence you are indeed the best at something.  Whatever that something is is your sweet spot, your opportunity to make the biggest contribution. It’s there you stop walking and start winning.

The ONE THING for today: Having to win at everything means you seldom win at anything that really matters.  

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