A Five Star Restaurant

“A restaurant is good when the cooking is better than your own.”
― Neel Burton


Recently Sonja and I were traveling to an appointment and it was lunch time…past lunch! And we were hungry.

Being new to Illinois, and being in a very rural area, we didn’t know the good places to stop so we consulted Google and Trip Advisor and they both informed us of a restaurant that was available in an upcoming town.

It had a “five star” rating, no less!

How could that be bad, right?


Wrong if I was going to judge the restaurant against fine dining in a large city or judge it against Sonja’s cooking.

But I was not in a metropolitan area that was able to support fine restaurants with top caliber cooks and chefs.

So measured against some of my favorite restaurants, a five star rating was laughable, but measured against the choices that were available, five stars was probably right.

There’s a life lesson here…

Like trying to use your twelve inch ruler in Europe where they use the metric system, don’t measure others by the wrong standard.

“Five-star” can mean different things at different places and at different times. What you want to look for is those who are giving their best with what they’ve got. Celebrate them, support them, trust them…not some five-star slacker who is only giving a three-star effort.

The ONE THING for today: We seldom have the option of going with the best…most times the best we can hope for is the best that is available…and that’s okay.

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