Whatever you do, don’t skip

“When God speaks, there will always be some who say it thundered.” _D. A. Carson (John 12:28-29)


Early on in my dad’s Navy training he had trouble staying in step when his company marched. Finally one of the Petty Officers gave him a hint that kept him in step.

The Petty Officers instructed dad to skip once when he got out of step and that would help him get back in rhythm. For dad at least, it worked.

There are moments when we all must skip and keep ourselves in step with the majority. To have a stable society or organization there has to be a drumbeat that we all march too. This is true even on a smaller scale like with family and friendships.


We also need people who march to a different drumbeat.

Call them odd, quirky, eccentric, rebellious, or genius…call them…you…

…but we need the dreamers, explorers, innovators, agitators, and trail blazers. That is the only way to adapt, change, and progress.

And here’s the news, for all of us, there will be a time and a place and a cause when it is our turn to step up and be that “different drumbeat person.”

When that moment comes, whatever you do…don’t skip!

The ONE THING for today: Sometimes you’re out of step because you hear a different drumbeat. Don’t let those who can’t hear it tell you it is not there…keep marching, you’re going somewhere where people need you and eventually others will “skip” and start following you.

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