When you can’t fix it

Can a leper change it’s spots? __Jeremiah 13:23


Every problem has a solution.

If your “problem” does not have a solution then it is probably not a problem but rather one of the realities of life and that means you have to learn to “do life” within that reality (at least for now).

For example, the Wright brothers didn’t set out to fix gravity so they could fly. Instead they embraced the reality as it was and learned how to make their dream of flying come true within the fixed reality that they were required to live in.

The ONE THING for today: Perhaps the reason you are not “flying” is that you’re trying to fix the unfixable instead of figuring out how you can fly above it, through it, or with it.

The homespun advice of Charles Allen works pretty good too when facing the unfixable: “We can sit on our bed and squawk; lie on our bed and talk; or take up our bed and walk.”

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