Introducing Myself, Part 5: Saluda – My First Church!!!

In this video I share how Sonja and I as kids headed off to our first pastorate located in Saluda, SC both clueless and confident! Somehow it all worked out, thanks be to God!

It was at Saluda that I learned the most important lesson of my life. I also share three other important lessons I learned while serving our special friends at the Saluda COG.

I hope you are blessed and encouraged in your own area of service. I promise, if Sonja and I can do it, so can you!

6 thoughts on “Introducing Myself, Part 5: Saluda – My First Church!!!

  1. First Bishop I just want to say thank you for what you just shared. I was fourth generation Church Of God on mom’s side and third generation on dad’s side. I remember starting out in the ministry and all that was ever offered to me was churches on the brink of being shut down, but with God’s help we were able to pull them out. I pastored Pekin twice, first time August 1993 – November 1997 and then Jan. 1999 -Sept.2005. We were able to buy the property where the church is now and begin to remodel a horse barn into a church. I felt it was time to change and we went to southern Illinois to pastor. After spending around ten years in southern Illinois we decided to take the Lincoln church put we were not told how bad it was off , we stayed was able to get it some what stable and because of things we decided to move back into our home in Pekin. Since being back in Pekin with the blessing of the overseer we
    started a new church and our first Sunday was Feb 2017 with five people. Sorry to say things happened and are no longer part of the COG. When covid hit I went to a class and the speaker talked about how so many churches wasn’t going to recover and this really was heavy on my heart. So for the next six to seven months I just kept praying about it and in the 2020 I had my first meeting with a church that was going to close the doors, long story short in 2021 three churches merge together and God is doing some great things. If you would like check us out at Central Life Church Pekin, Illinois. I was to be with another church this Sunday in the Rockford / Loves Park area but I had a very serious back surgery this past Thursday and I am laid up right now. This church is an independent with ex several COG members attending it asking if I would consider coming but I really don’t see myself going. But I told them I would be willing to help them in any way I could, I would say they run about fifty. I just want you to know that I still love the COG and feel it is one of the greatest movements today, Dr Tim Hill is one of my favorites. Again thank you for the word it brought back a lot of good memories. Be Blessed


    1. Good evening Pastor Moore! Thank you for your update and remarks. I’d love to talk with you sometime. I’d rather not put my number on my blog, but send me a message by Messenger and we can plan on touching base. Blessing to you–I pray you recover completely from your recent surgery. By the way, I will be in Pekin this weekend. The pastor’s wife is conducting a Women’s Retreat and Sonja and I will be there to support her. I plan to have lunch with any of the ministers who are there, you are welcome to join me.


  2. Brother Kemp, God’s greatest blessings upon you and Sonja and your ministry. God really has a lot of confidence in you, and your obedience to Him.

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