The Perfect Plan

“We plan, God laughs.” _Yiddish Proverb


Let me help you with something.

There is no perfect plan.

So don’t feel that it is required for you to have your plan worked out on how you are going to do something before you start. Matter of fact, you can’t have your plan worked out. You don’t know the future. You don’t know what unexpected game-changer will occur in your life or in the world. (Can you say, “Covid-19”!)

It’s like a friend of mine who is building a house. Here is his plan…

Step one, first he brought a camper and moved his family into it.

Step two, then he built the basement of his house and moved his family into that. (The upstairs floor currently is the “ceiling” of his home.)

Step three: Now he’s building the upstairs–paying as he goes and tweaking his plan as he goes.


There is one thing he was crystal clear on before he started…he knew what the goal was – to build a house.

And that is the one thing you must do or all your plans will be worthless. You must be clear on what specifically you are intending to do.

  • Call it your goal, if you like.
  • Or call it a win (as in “What does a win look like?”)

But without clarity on what it is specifically you plan to achieve all you’re doing is wasting your life on busy work fooling yourself that you’re making progress.

The ONE THING for today: When people fail, it is not usually due to poor planning, it is usually due to lack of clarity on what it is exactly they are trying to achieve.

Clear plans make God laugh; clear and worthy goals make God happy.

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

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