When the score counts

“If it is a side issue, then best to put it aside for now.” _dlkemp (Personal tweet on March 23, 2017)


When it comes to playing games we understand that there is a certain way of keeping score and if we fail to measure our efforts by the rules of the game, no matter what we do and how well we do it we will lose.

For example, if you are a bowler you know that the one who gets the highest score wins.

You may pick up a 7-10 split (the hardest spare in bowling) and you will get a lot of high-fives and create a lot of excitement, but the one with the highest score is still the winner.

Of course golf is just the opposite. The golfer with the lowest score wins. You may get a hole in one (Odds: 25000 to 1) and again that will warrant high-fives and a lot of back slapping at the club house, but the one with the lowest score is still the winner.

We get this…when playing games.

So why is it that we so often fail to make the connection in real life?

The ONE THING for today: Every context has a way of keeping score. We can complain about it, pretend it is not there or we can acknowledge it, embrace it, and plan our actions accordingly. That is the best way to increase our chances of winning at something that really matters.

Just in case you are interest, here’s a someone picking up a rare 7-10 split.

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