You’re not in charge of everything…

“To admit that you begin the day planning to change the world certainly sounds grandiose, maybe even delusional. Yet I believe that you do change the world every day, whether you intend to or not. Often it only takes a small act to make a big difference.”

_Mark Sanborn, The Fred Factor


You’re not in charge of everything.

You are responsible to others (be a good neighbor) but you are only responsible for what you’re in charge of.

You may work for the worse boss in the most soul-draining company in all the world.

You may live in a neighborhood or attend a school that is falling apart.

Or you may work with the brightest and most high-octane performers in the world, making you sometimes feel like a mule running in the Kentucky Derby.

But all that’s beside the point, you’re not in charge of those things. But you are in charge of some things – that’s where you must keep your focus–creating an island of excellence that reflects your values, hard work, and desires to make a difference.

The ONE THING for today: What others do is a reflection on them, what you do is a reflection on you. Shine on dear reader, shine brightly today.

Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

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