Don’t Settle for Shallow Significance!

“A life not centered on God leads to emptiness. Building our lives on something besides God not only hurts us if we don’t get the desires of our hearts, but also if we do.” _Tim Keller, The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism


Do not settle for shallow significance!

There are a thousand little things that can happen today that can make you feel good about yourself.

It can be as simple as your favorite team winning, catching three green lights in a row on your commute, a recipe turning out right, or a pat on the back from your boss, and even a couple “likes” on something you posted on Facebook.

None of these things are necessarily bad, but don’t forget the second floor of your life…you know… “upstairs” — the transcendent, the eternal, the unseen, the life you will live forever when you depart this world.

First floor living is important – it is what we are called to do…for now, but in the end, first floor living is only preparation for the day we step into the Mystery of Eternity.

The ONE THING for today: Don’t settle for little wins, go big! Go big by focusing on the eternal – the things that matter on the second floor.

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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