Today could be the worse day of your life

“…studies show that in general, optimists die ten years earlier than pessimists.” _Susin Nielsen, Optimists Die First


Don’t confuse

  • “in the long run” with “right now”.
  • “the big picture” with “today”.
  • “long term returns” with “daily losses”.

The point?

In the long run, if you work hard, live a good moral life, and live by the golden rule your life will be far better than then those who don’t.

But today?

Today, the worse possible thing could happen…to anyone…even the best among us.

On any given day bad things happen to good people as well as bad people.

  • Honest people get robbed.
  • Truthful people are lied to.
  • Innocent people are declared guilty.
  • Conscientious drivers have traffic accidents.
  • And people who exercise and eat healthily have heart attacks.

The ONE THING for today: At the end of your life, there will be one day that will go down as the worse day of your life…today could be that day. Don’t let it shake you…stay focus on where you’re heading and act accordingly, that is what matters…in the long run.

Photo by Justus Menke on Unsplash

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