Mixed nuts with or without peanuts? | Cokes with or without peanuts?

“NOTE-Always remove the brown hull from the peanuts even though the recipe does not say so.” __George Washington Carver, How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing if for Human Consumption


Most mornings my “breakfast” is mixed nuts.

I like the ones without peanuts.

This morning I ran out of my mixed nuts brand and had to pilfer a serving from Sonja’s bag of mixed nuts. (She likes the brand that includes peanuts.)

As I ate Sonja’s mixed nuts I remembered why I don’t like mixed nuts with peanuts–the peanuts dominate the taste. Why spend the extra money on “mixed nuts” if all you’re going to taste are peanuts? Better to buy a bag of peanuts and save the money.

I know…profound isn’t it?

But there is a point.

Every organization is like a bag of mixed nuts. Whether it is a group of friends hanging out at the ballpark or mall or a church congregation or team at work – they’re all made up with different kinds of “nuts” (I couldn’t resist.) But when one person begins to dominate–the conversations, decisions, or culture it robs the group of so much.

As my dad once told me, when giving me advice about going to a new pastorate, “Son, it is easier for one man to change than to expect an entire congregation to change.”

What he was sayings was, “Don’t be a peanut!”

Don’t lead by dominating.

Don’t be a conversation hog.

Don’t be overbearing and overwhelming.

The ONE THING for today: The art of leadership is not getting your way but bringing out the best in those you lead.

I feel kind of guilty picking on peanuts for I like peanuts, peanut butter, Reeses cups, peanut butter desserts…just about peanut anything (except mixed nuts).

And here’s another idea…if you’ve never poured a bag of peanuts in a soda (especially a coke or pepsi) and enjoyed the two together, then you’ve missed out on one of the great pleasures in life.

Here’s a fun video about a New Yorker experiencing peanuts in a coke for the first time. Sidenote: I recommend salted peanuts and yes, drink some of the coke before you pour in the peanuts.

5 thoughts on “Mixed nuts with or without peanuts? | Cokes with or without peanuts?

  1. Thoughts to ponder-very good! I love peanuts in coke, and I loved the video. Poor lady, she has certainly been deprived not living in the South.


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