If a rock is in the way…

“If you are looking for the formula that can get you motivated and fearless, here it is: you must finally see reality for what it is—in other words, that what is not working is not going to magically begin working. If something isn’t working, you must admit that what you are doing to get it to work is hopeless.” — Necessary Endings: The Employees, Businesses, and Relationships That All of Us Have to Give Up in Order to Move Forward by Henry Cloud


If a rock is in the way…

A rock that is stopping your progress and your dreams from coming true…

Getting an advance degree in rock moving may help.

Getting advice from others who have actually moved rocks definitely would help.

Reading books on rock moving is smart.

Praying about the best way to move the rock wouldn’t hurt.

Buying equipment designed for rock moving would sure make things easier.

Asking others to help you move the rock would be a great idea.

Developing a master plan for moving the rock is another good idea.

Exercising and eating well to increase your strength is not a bad idea.

But eventually you’re going to have to actually step up to that rock and start pushing.

It is amazing to me how people dance around issues that are holding them back, fooling themselves with “busy work” and never getting around to actually working on the problem.

The ONE THING for today: What is your “rock”? What are you actually doing that is actually moving the rock out of the way?

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