Low Expectations

“The key to a great marriage is low expectations.” _David L. Kemp


I will take the dubious credit for today’s quote.

I have often made this statement to get people’s attention, but what I will go on to explain is that by “low expectations” I mean realistic expectations.

We don’t expect a baseball player to hit the ball every time or the pitcher to strike out every batter.

We don’t expect every traffic light to be green when we come to an intersection.

We don’t expect the Stock Market to go up every day and we don’t expect it to never rain.

We don’t expect every steak to be tender and every flight to be on time.

So why is that we expect so much from those we love the most?

The ONE THING for today:

Set the bar as high as you like…for yourself. But ease up on everyone else.

Winners Wale Giyani


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