Honest Doubt

“It is not weak men and godless men who are the chief doubters.  The man who never had any faith is never afflicted with doubt.” _Frederick Keller Stamm, Keeping Men on Their Feet


Yesterday I wrote about how it can be a good thing to doubt. But it must be remembered that living in a perpetual state of doubt will eventually be debilitating and destructive.

Just because you doubt someone doesn’t mean they’re wrong, your doubt is about validating whether or not they’re right or wrong.

Don’t confuse doubt with stubborness.

Don’t confuse doubt with stubborness.

Stubborn people do not want other’s to be right. They’re wedded to a particular belief and position and no matter the evidence or logic they refuse to change. That’s not doubt, that’s stupidity.

Honest doubts are about verification and truth, not about defending a particular position or belief.

The ONE THING for today: The honest doubter has two options. They can either justify or refute their doubts with the truth or they can suspend judgment until they have more evidence and, in the meantime, give others the benefit of the doubt and move forward.

What the doubter must not do is live in a perpetual state of paralyzing doubt.

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