I choose the passing lane

Some version of this conversation happens every day. Maybe you’ve recently had it.


Am I OK?

Yes, I am okay…but…

I only wish that I knew then what I know now. 

If I had not been so stupid, navie, impressionable…

If only I’d been more intentional and disciplined…

If only I hadn’t made that one mistake…

If only…, etc. etc.

Wait a minute! I can’t go back, I don’t get a redo, but I do have a choice today.

Sitting here looking in the rearview mirror of my life can be helpful or destructive. I can use these memories to live in the past or I can use my rearview mirror thinking to move over into the passing lane and get going with the next chapter of my life.

I choose the passing lane. 


The ONE THING for today: If you wait around until you get over some things you will never really get on with your life. Instead of focusing on getting over something, why not move on pass it and start looking forward…to a better future.

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