How to keep from getting wiped out

No one would die for a question mark, and no one can live on the basis of “maybe.”” — God in the Dark: The Assurance of Faith Beyond a Shadow of Doubt by Os Guinness


When I visit my son, one of the things we like to do is watch this crazy television series called Wipeout.

The purpose is to see who can navigate an obstacle course the fastest.

The catch is that there are all sorts of moving parts and other distractions to knock you off course (literally).

Life can be that way as well.

What reminded me of this was a recent conversation I had with a minister. He was sharing some legitimate concerns that he had with his denomination. He got on quite a rant. I listened.

And when he finished I asked him one question: “Are you loyal to your denomination?”

He looked at me blankly. Then I explained: Until you resolve that the starting point for all your concerns and issues and gripes is your love and loyalty to your denomination then you will continue to keep getting wiped out by the inevitable faults and shortcomings of any organization that is run by imperfect people.

I hope he got it.

I hope you do too.

Loyalty is a lost word in our day. But whether it is your marriage, your job, your country, your…whatever…

As long as you keep putting your terms, your conditions, your pet project or issue, ahead of your loyalty…

As long as you keep a backdoor of escape waiting in the wings, as long as you hold tightly to an exit plan, as long as divorce is an option, as long as quitting, leaving, resigning is on the table…

As long as you’re in the Market for a better deal, more dollars, and better terms…

Then I promise you, eventually the inevitable tests and trials of life that come with any relationship and commitment will wipe you out.

The only way to find firm footing to navigate through the tough times and keep from getting wiped out is to start with loyalty first. Resolve the loyalty issue and then you can figure out the rest as you go.

The ONE THING for today: Loyalty is not blind, but it is resolved…and that loyal resolution is how your work through the things you see that you don’t like without getting wiped out.

Here’s a few funny Wipeout moments…enjoy

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