Turning tomorrow’s desires into reality

“Vision is a clear mental portrait of a preferable future.” _ George Barna, Turning Vision into Action


God, in his infinite wisdom, has determined that for the most part, we cannot know the future.

In front of all your tomorrows is an impenetrable veil of darkness that abides no entry until a particular tomorrow dawns. And even then the curtain only rises one second at a time.

So what to do about tomorrow?

For that matter, what to do about today?

Answer two questions:

(1) What do I desire?

(2) What is the one thing I can do now that most increases the chances that what I desire will happen?

Then get to it.

Give it your best and whether things turn out the way you want or not, trust God with the results.

But whatever you do, don’t complain or make excuses.

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

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