When the song changes…keep dancing

“Age is not the enemy.  Stagnation is the enemy.  Complacency is the enemy.  Stasis is the enemy.” _Twyla Tharp, Professional Dancer


It’s laughable now, but looking back over my life and considering which was the most sobering birthday, I’d say it would have to be the “big” 3-0!

Yes, that’s right, my thirtieth.

As I mentioned above, it’s laughable now but at the time it was a pretty big deal to me. It was as if I was leaving “being young” and moving into true adulthood, which was a good thing but also scary.

As long as I was in my 20s (even 29) youth seemed reachable. Matter of fact, I think the mid to late 20’s are wonderful years. You’re old enough to be treated like an adult (mostly) and yet young enough to revert back to your crazy teenage habits in seconds–the best of both worlds.

But then comes the 30s and then, at least for me, the option to “go back” to those happy-go-lucky years begins to be frowned upon by others and eventually impossible whether you want to or not.

Even though I am now in my 60’s I mentioned my 30th birthday to highlight that aging is an issue for all of us. Babies age into toddlers who age into adolescents and then comes those teenage years and on it goes.

And the transitions can sometimes be difficult, whether it’s the terrible twos, twenties, or sixties where you have to sign up for medicare (Talk about a sobering moment!)


As Twyla Tharp stated so elegantly, age is not the enemy.

Age is the gatekeeper. 

There comes a time that Age says, “You can’t do that anymore, but here’s another equally (and even better) option.  Age says, “It’s time to shift gears and start in a different direction where there will be new sights, sounds, achievements and adventures.

Finding that next option is what keeps us going.  When we run out of options…we die, even if we’re still breathing.

The ONE THING for today: Keep dancing! Even if the song changes. It’s what keeps you alive.

Photo by Nihal Demirci Erenay on Unsplash

I can’t help but chuckle at my metaphor of dancing. On those few times I’ve tried to actually dance, I’ve been told that I look like someone doing an extremely bad impersonation of Jeb Clampett square dancing. 🙂

But hopefully you get the point.

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