Take Your Own Pictures

“You have to get out there to get somewhere.” — Henry Cloud in his book Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality


It’s been said that technology has brought the world to our living room.


A thousand times no.

Technology has brought information about the world to our living rooms.

Technology has brought pictures of the world to our living room.

It has even made it possible for us to hear voices/sounds and see videos of people and places in our world while sitting in our living room.

But none of it is actually in our living room…not even close.

Now our technology titans are working on a virtual universe. (Will they tell us that we can bring the universe to our living room?)

Whatever the virtual universe ends up being, just remember, it’s not real (that’s why its called “virtual”). They will try to convince you to use your real money and, worse, real time to enter this virtue universe but remember, there will not actually be a universe in your living room…only you will be in your living room.

When I was a teenager, the answer for dealing with music that promoted bad choices was to burn all your rock albums. That is definitely not what I am suggesting with technology.

Yes, there are horrible things being done with technology, but oh the good! Our lives are far better in so many ways.

But what I am suggesting is that touch cannot be replaced. Actually being there matters. Dreams can only come true if you wake up. Visions can only become reality by walking towards the horizon.

Looking at other people’s pictures is nice, but eventually you will want to take your own pictures and to do that, you have to be there.

Henry Cloud captures it well: “You have to get out there to get somewhere.”

The ONE THING for today: Don’t get to comfortable with the four walls of your living room. Don’t sacrifice all the amazing possibilities and potential for the familiar, routine, and safe. You were not made to sit in an easy chair or in front of a video monitor and watch other people live their lives. Nothing wrong with that in its place, but for you to really and truly live…eventually you will need to walk out your own front door.

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