The Dilemma of Contented Calcification

“I saw my mother in a different light. We all need to do that. You have to be displaced from what’s comfortable and routine, and then you get to see things with fresh eyes, with new eyes.” _Amy Tan, American author


Habits harden.

Routine can become rigid.

Like sitting in our easy chair for a couple hours–it feels very comfortable–that is until it is time to get moving again and then we realize how stiff our joints have become.

Remember, we are always serving a greater cause, a greater good, and a greater One than ourselves and our own curiosity, comfort and fulfillment.

Matter of fact, adhering to well-defined, satisfying, and predictable habits and routine that causes you to become inflexible and numb to the greater opportunities and needs could be one of the first signs of a calcified and wasted life.

The ONE THING for today: All habits and routines need to come with an expiration day. Be quick to toss them away the moment a better opportunity becomes available. Remember, you do not serve your habits and routines, they are to serve you with your goal of becoming a better person for a greater good.

Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “The Dilemma of Contented Calcification

  1. Pastor Kemp,
    Disciplined and productive habits have taken you way past routine but it typically keeps you on a path to goals God has established in your heart… Brother I have watched your path take you way past where others would risk going or doing. A risk taker may sit but a disciplined strategist is never on vacation… Your personal call and gifting has you often seeing past where you are, and not all observation moments are at a pinnacle places.
    Look back when you need to see where God has positioned you for Kingdom accomplishments and some of them take place in times when you would rather sit down… His presence and His Spirit always take us past our familiarity even when we don’t know how to move forward… Brother this post was awesome and made me think about those who accomplish eternally valuable tasks often are thought to accomplish little. On these days thinking from the chair is much wiser than going outside in these sub zero days…
    Community Missionary Chaplaincy will always be indebted to your fearfully going past your familiarity and logic even when it would have been easier sit that one out.
    Thanks for the post but you’re accomplishments tell the rest of the story of the call on your life that has been uninterrupted by life’s standing or sitting moments…
    Keep your view on kingdom builders they are typically the ones with great work ethic’s…. Sitting with them is stimulating and productive, but they need a sit down where they are valued and included rather than instructed…
    I love sitting down with doers, they are always thinking when they are up or down but they’re accomplishments are not from busyness… Dream big brother even if it takes a chair….


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