At Least Give God a Chance

“Healing is the exception, not the rule.  But let me share a rule of thumb for now: God won’t answer 100 percent of the prayers you don’t pray.  If you assume the answer is no, you don’t even give God a chance to yes.  Imagine a major league baseball player refusing to get into the batter’s box because he doesn’t get a hit every time up.  Yet that’s how many of us approach prayer.  We let a few strikeouts keep us from swinging for the fences!  Trust me, my prayer batting average is no better than anyone else’s.  I swing and miss all the time, but if I’m going down, I’m going down swinging.” _Mark Batterson, The Grave Robber: How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible


Sometimes we have to suspend disbelieve. 

There’s every reason to not believe there’s any hope.  We’ve heard from the experts and the authorities, and the evidence that there is not a chance is right under our noise. 

But prayer is our way saying, we’ve heard what everyone else has said, we know what the evidence seems to indicate, but before we throw in the towel, let’s heard what God has to say, because it’s never really over until God says it’s over. 

3 thoughts on “At Least Give God a Chance

    1. Sonja recommended the Batterson book I am currently reading several years ago. I am just now getting to it; sure wish I’d read it sooner. I will definitely being adding Batterson to my favorite author list. Hope Team Devereaux is doing well. Blessings!


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