And Why Does This Matter to Me?

“Never quote a price until you establish value.” _Jack Daly, Hyper Sales Growth


The unspoken question everyone asks when being sold or told is, “And why does this matter to me?”

Whether it’s a parent, a practitioner, a preacher, or professional of any stripe, if they are wise, they will understand this when calling people to make sacrifices, changes, and contributions.

Side note: My list of “p” words above reveal my love of alliteration which is mostly the hobby of poets and preachers…but anyway, I thought about adding politician to the list but realized I didn’t need to—they know and practice this principle better than anyone, at least the ones that survive.

Finally! A good lesson we can learn from our politicians (who are not all bad people by the way).

Not that we should try to buy votes by giving people what they want, but when trying to make progress that includes other people, it certainly helps to answer the question that may not be asked but must be answered: “And why does this matter to me?”

The ONE THING for today:

Calling people to make selfless sacrifices are almost impossible without first starting with the self.

Photo by Andrew Ling on Unsplash

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