A checklist for friends

“One of the most important things you will ever do is to choose your friends.” _John Maxwell


It is impossible to be intentional about creating a better future for yourself without being intentional in the way you choose and maintain friendships.

Occasionally, it is good to take inventory of your friendships.

Here’s a good checklist:

  1. Who do I need to befriend (grow your network of friends)
  2. Who do I need to be a friend to (someone you can help)
  3. What friends do I need to get closer to (friends who sharpen and enrich you)
  4. What friends do I need to distance myself from (you love them but your journey and their journey are no longer the same)
  5. What friends to I need to eliminate from my life (you love them and wish them well, but they are not healthy to have in your life)

Remember, if you just let friendships happen then you are resigning yourself to just letting your future happen and what will happen will almost certainly not be in your best interest.

Instead, first choose your friends carefully and then see what happens!

The ONE THING for today: Make a careful inventory of your friends for they hold the keys to your future.

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